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Hello & Happy Thursday!!








Today is a big day for Eat Drink Shrink, because we finally announced a sweet bundle of joy is coming into our lives this July! As a first time mom the first trimester was such a journey. While I have so much gratitude for this precious gift, this gift brought nausea, fatigue, dehydration, constipation, and the list goes on. 


As a result I was craving any sort of TLC I could give myself and decided to throw together this guide to show you all the things I’ve been using to keep my sane during pregnancy. From skincare to beauty devices, toothbrushes and more.. 


These have been a few of my favorite things!!








Curious about the nutrition aspect of my first trimester?!

Stay tuned for more pregnancy updates here on Eat Drink Shrink!!












Champagne Candle


Step onto the penthouse’s terrace to a civilized Sunday brunch overlooking a blanket of green that is the park below. A platter of grapefruit dotted with raspberries is offered. Would you like ginger tea, a mimosa or a glass of champagne? Perhaps a taste of each?


Sparkling grapefruit, Tuscan lemon and ginger are gently calmed by rose, neroli and verbena.



Champagne Diffuser


Step onto the penthouse’s terrace to a civilized Sunday brunch overlooking a blanket of green that is the park below. A platter of grapefruit dotted with raspberries is offered. Would you like ginger tea, a mimosa or a glass of champagne? Perhaps a taste of each?


Sparkling grapefruit, Tuscan lemon and ginger are gently calmed by rose, neroli and verbena.




John Derian Candle 


John Derian’s decorative objects, coveted worldwide, are based on his passion for 18th and 19th century prints. LAFCO New York, a pioneer in the natural luxury fragrance market, creates distinctive modern fragrances that respect the traditions of classical perfumery and artisanal craftsmanship.


The Scent is a rich, floral incense. A blend of natural wildflowers; lavender, violet, jasmine, heliotrope, neroli and currant blossoms set on top of a classic resin base of Agar Wood, laburnum, sandalwood, patchouli, musk and frankincense.



Champagne Soap


Step onto the penthouse’s terrace to a civilized Sunday brunch overlooking a blanket of green that is the park below. A platter of grapefruit dotted with raspberries is offered. Would you like ginger tea, a mimosa or a glass of champagne? Perhaps a taste of each?


Sparkling grapefruit, Tuscan lemon and ginger are gently calmed by rose, neroli and verbena.





Duchess Peony Room Spray



That enveloping feeling of sanctuary upon entering a hushed, elegant powder room. Its walls are graced with toile wallpaper, and a thoughtfully-placed vase of pink peonies rests on the windowsill, brushing up against its slatted shutters.


Pink rose and peony blossom are sprinkled with a sparkling blend of cassis berries, camelia and powdery musk.




Review: Where do I begin with Lafco. I fell in love around 2007 when I smelled the Master Bedroom candle and years later they never disappoint. Since their inception they’ve launched room sprays, soaps, and more. If you’ve been following along with the other guides, I always make room to feature them as there is just so much detail that goes not only into the scents, but even the packaging and glass that holds the candles. (I’ll typically save mine to use as a flower vase)


This time I sampled floral forward scents, because spring is just around the corner! While I gravitate more towards the deeper smells, again, everything they make never disappoints. I sampled a variety of items from the Champagne scent, because while I can’t have champagne, I’d love to relax in its aroma lol. This scent is gorgeous, clean, crisp, has notes of grapefruit and is perfect for spring time. I also sampled their limited additional floral candle, which was gorgeous and more floral like than the champagne and loved it! While they focus more on candles, I also love their soaps! The hand soap is so aromatic, doesn’t strip the skin of it’s natural oils and lasts a long time. The body soaps are the same. Large, aromatic, non drying, and I just can’t live without them.


When it comes to room sprays, I always use theirs. The scents are gorgeous, they last longer and they typically have tons of sales. I loved the Peony scent as it just captures the essence of spring! Lastly I sampled the Champagne room diffuser. Diffusers are a wonderful concept that keep unwanted smells away and are not as strong as a candle being lit. However, the Lafco diffusers are powerful and really do the job! Not only are the scents beautiful and not overpowering, but they last, the vases are gorgeous and you can simply buy a refill of the oil. All in all, I can’t get enough of this company. You may spend a lil more, but you get a lot more. 













Skin Treatment Hydrosol Sheet Mask



Experience the intensely hydrating and firming effects of our Hydrosol Sheet Mask, crafted with an innovative hydro-formula and a compostable, non-slip lace fabric. In one effortless application, hand-blended pure essential oils and powerful plumping actives deeply penetrate the skin to reveal a lifted, firm and beautifully smooth complexion in just 10 minutes.
Derived from 100% pure distilled water, Frankincense Hydrosol’s skin rejuvenating properties helps brighten and tighten the skin. Hyaluronic Acid and Turmeric improve texture and minimize the appearance of fine lines, while Frankincense and Rose essential oils promote a healthy, radiant glow.




Experience the conditioning and nourishing powers of rich Babassu oil and Murumuru Butter and indulge your senses with the exotic scent of sweet Jasmine, Patchouli and Tonka Bean. Perfect for an after-sun nourishment for the skin.


Revive Body Scrub


Indulge in the invigorating power of the Revive Body Scrub to effectively exfoliate dry skin cells leaving your skin looking noticeably smoother. Suitable for all skin types but especially recommended for dry and dull looking skin.

Formulated with nourishing Shea and Cocoa Butters, soothing Calendula, softening Honey as well as a blend of Grapefruit, Rosemary and Juniper essential oils to leave your skin feeling re-energized and brighter.







Treat yourself to the deeply relaxing powers of Vetivert, Chamomile and Sandalwood with our multi-award winning Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil. Chamomile helps to calm the mind and body, Vetivert acts as a natural sedative and Sandalwood comforts you. This bedtime indulgent treat will allow you to experience a tranquil and relaxing night’s sleep. If you suffer with an overactive mind or insomnia your best night’s sleep is guaranteed with Deep Relax.



Review: When I find products that work, it’s hard to venture outside of those to try something new. However, when it came to Aromatherapy Associates there was something that just drew me in. Whether it was the marketing or packaging, or the fact it’s produced in London, I just knew that the product quality would be amazing. I sampled the widely loved shower oil and all I can say, is its hands down the best shower body oil I’ve every tried. The aroma is so powerful, more than any I’ve tried and a little goes a long way. When my body aches from the pregnancy you’ll find me in the bath and this oil just such a game changer. With only a capful the aroma is so strong and the oil so powerful, that even after a long time soaking my skin was hydrated. I’ve never seen that before lol. You can also apply directly to the skin in the shower (my preference) and it doubles as a natural perfume. As someone who stays away from perfume today, I love that! A little pricey, but a little goes a long way and it’s been my saving grace when I need to just relax!


Other items I sampled were the body scrub and again, I’ve tried them all. They either are nut abrasive enough or don’t hydrate or the smell is just underwhelming. This company hit it out of the park with every aspect. Great scrub factor, super hydrating, and the smell is just gorgeous and relaxing. A little pricey, but again, a little goes a long way and I’m in love with this product. 


The last 2 products I tried was the face mask and body lotion. The mask is newly released and I love anything that helps me retain moisture. Although the weather plays a role, pregnancy hormones can dry out the skin coupled with dehydration. That being said, I was anxious to try and truly loved the mask! While this is a wet mask, it stays on the face for roughly 10 minutes and left my skin feeling smooth as a babies bottom. It’s great for the bath so you can just soak up all the hydration and relax. Lastly, I was excited to explore the body lotion due to the dry pregnancy skin. I’ve tried them all and this one works!


Like all their products it was very aromatic, I could see it being a little overpowering for some. However, the smells will only linger once it sets in and it’s very hydrating. All in all I’m so glad I decided to sample Aromatherapy Associates. You can tell a lot of thought and detail went in to crafting each product. 















The improved electric toothbrush with dynamic dual-design

Dare to do more with the improved ISSA 2. By blending durable PBT polymer and ultra-soft silicone into one remarkable sonic toothbrush that now lasts for 365 days on a single charge, ISSA 2 can keep you smiling without a second’s pause.






LUNA Mini 2


LUNA mini 2 is an enhanced T-Sonic™ facial cleansing massager with eight adjustable massage intensities for a fully customizable spa-like experience. The updated 3-zone design is optimized for all skin types and comes in six exciting new colors.





Review: If you know me, you know I love all things tech based. So when Foreo came onto the scene I was excited to see what results you could achieve with the products. Foreo can be found at Sephora and countless other retailers and there is something I just instantly loved about them. Whether its the name or the marketing, I was sold! I sampled the toothbrush as I liked the idea that it was rubber and came in fun colors and I find that many toothbrushes are too abrasive to the gums.


Being pregnant I’ve read your gums can bleed so again, I knew I had to try this product! The brush has to be charged, but I’ve yet to charge mine again after I first received it so it takes a while. The bristles work and they are not too rough, I love the softness of the rubber, the color, it also flashes I believe to notify you when to switch sides. All in all I really enjoyed it and you can buy replacement head brushes just like others.


I also sampled the Luna Mini. When it comes to the facial brushes I missed that train years ago as my skin is naturally not he drier side and it just seemed like more things I didn’t need. However, I decided to give it a go and loved the device. Again, the device doesn’t have to be charged for what is states, 365 days, which is amazing!


No batteries, no fuss, and the idea is that it cleanses the skin. Let’s me honest, if you have on makeup, you’re going to need some toner post usage, but with clean skin it works. I personally love the idea of massaging the face as it gets the blood flowing and gives you more vibrancy. That being said, the brush is very powerful, offers different speeds, and even has two sides with different bristles. I love the concept of this device, comes in different sizes and colors and eclipses any others I’ve seen on the market. Highly recommend Foreo!












Our clinic also offers the largest variety of skin perfecting laser treatments yielding dramatic results that can resurface and rejuvenate the skin with less downtime than ever before. Our range of lasers extend to the latest innovations in acne treatments that can eliminate active bacteria and reduce the signs of acne scars, reduce or eliminate laxity, discoloration or texture issues with an arsenal of ablative and non-ablative light, heat, ultrasound, radio frequency and ultrasonic options.







This luxe body cream helps to reduce the appearance of dry, crepey skin for a smoother, softer, younger looking glow. The FormuL.A. Body Cream is made with a unique blend of Prickly Pear Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, and Shea Butter.


  • Fast absorbing formula nourishes the skin
  • Repairs dry crepey skin
  • Improves overall texture and tone
  • Active ingredients: Prickly Pear and Jojoba Oil that nourish the skin, Sunflower Oil and Shea Butter which hydrates and soothes dry skin


This product contained propylene glycol: In cosmetics its used in small amounts to keep products from melting in high heat or from freezing. It also helps active ingredients penetrate skin. In the amounts used in cosmetics, it’s not a concern in the least.







Wrap your face in total hydration! The Nurse Jamie FaceWrap is a non-adhesive mask made of ultra thin, medical grade stretch silicone. Inspired by silicone scar treatment technology, Face Wrap is designed to adhere to the contours of the face locking in moisture, creating an intensive hydration climate


Use with your favorite creams or masks for better absorption and efficacy. After just one treatment, skin will appear less lined, hydrated and refreshed, revealing a more youthful glow.







The newest, most comfortable way to fight wrinkles while you sleep! Reinforce good sleeping habits, not wrinkles and dream your way to more youthful looking skin. The All-New Memory Foam Edition of our Best-Selling Beauty Bear™ Age Defy Pillow is an innovative anti-wrinkle pillow that has a unique U-shape design to cradle the face and neck and comfortably conforms to the contours of your face and head. The Beauty Bear has a silky, satin finish to support even the most delicate of skin types.


Did you know that the number 3 cause of premature aging is poor sleeping habits, including sleep position. This unique anti-aging pillow can improve the quality of your rest and helps minimize sleep lines that can be etched into the skin from side sleeping. Achieve healthier, more rested looking skin overnight and start getting the most out of your beauty rest.


  • Memory Foam Comfortably conforms to your head
  • Helps minimize sleep lines and wrinkles
  • Silky, Satin pillowcase for delicate skin
  • Helps provide neck and lumbar support
  • Convenient and easy for travel



Want to learn more about this pillow?! Watch this clip!









The TriAngle by Nurse Jamie is a unique sonic face massager that helps to restore glow and firmness to the face when used with any Nurse Jamie serum, eye cream, or your favorite moisturizer. Helps to refresh your face by targeting the most problematic areas, including your eye area, brows, liplines, cheeks and chin.


This revolutionary beauty tool has 2 specialized massaging modes: Normal or Heated. Get the most of your eye serums, moisturizers and luxury face oil with the TriAngle hi-frequency sonic technology that allows skincare products to absorb better into the skin for optimal results.


Eye Area: Gently press and move the the tip of the tool under the eye area starting from the inside of your face moving towards the outside. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Brow Area: Gently press and glide the tip of the tool just below the brow, moving from the middle towards the outside of your brow.

Lip Area: Gently press and move the tip of the tool in circular motions around the outside of your lips.

Cheeks: Hold the tool upright. Using the large ‘Concave’ curve on the side, gently press the tool against the lower part of your cheek. Move slowly upwards towards your ear.

Jawline: Hold the tool upside down. Using the  small ‘Concave’ curve, gently press the tool against your jawline and slowly move upwards.

Neck Area: Hold the tool sideways. Using the large ‘Concave’ side, start at the base of your neck. Move upward to the jowl line, hold for a few seconds, go back to starting position and then move upward and outward towards the outside of your neck and repeat.



Review: As you can already tell, I love tech products or niche beauty items. So when I came across Nurse Jamie I was instantly intrigued. This company is based in California and the founder has medical spa there. I sampled the beauty pillow as I truly believe that your pillow makes a difference in the quality of your skin. I’ve been using a silk pillow for over a year so I knew I had to try their beauty pillow. From a distance the pillow seems somewhat odd shaped, but it has so much value to your beauty routine.


While I don’t believe the cover is 100% silk, it has a satin finish, which is great for your skin, preventing your pillow from absorbing your skincare products, and preserves the hair unlike the traditional cotton pillows. Also, it packs a temperpedic filling making it conform to your body. The idea is that when you sleep you’re scrunching the face, specifically the eye area. So with this pillow you’re free of any pillow compression and will preserve the skin, and it’s absolutely true. I’ve been using silk pillow cases for the past year and I can feel the difference. After going thru a phase with having eyelash extensions I naturally sleep propped up on my hands preventing my face being smashed on a pillow. With this Nurse Jamie pillow I don’t have to do that anymore and can prevent even the pressure of my hands on the face while sleeping. 


Other products I sampled were the face mask and body lotion. I love the idea of a good mask, but this product seemed invaluable as the concept is take any product you like and apply the mask over it to enhance the results. The mask stays in place, is great for travel, and is reusable making it a great sustainable option. With pregnancy hormones raging, my skin is more dry, so I was curious about their body lotion. It was hydrating and not overly aromatic and did the job!


Lastly, I sampled the Triangle Beauty Tool. I love all things tech and kept seeing this device. The concept is to massage the face and neck to create circulation. You can apply it by itself or with product and it aims to enhance the results. I love the design, the shape, and the perfect size making it great for travel. In terms of the level of vibration it somewhat mild, but comes with 2 speeds. It also beeps for when you need to change positions of it to get even coverage.


I love the beep to notify you as I’m the person that would forget, but the beep is somewhat loud. As a result it’s not a relaxing process and isn’t good for use in any public space. I’m going to keep continuing to use the device to better gauge it’s effectiveness. As a whole I love the movement of beauty devices and anything that will help give me a glow that’s non invasive!


















BluePrint® is the real deal. As pioneers in the field, BluePrint’s® commitment to helping people lead authentic and more energy-filled lives is what drives us every day. Always was, always will be.


We are pioneers in the field, and the BluePrint’s® commitment to helping people with pure organic ingredients and delicious blends, we are constantly innovating with one mission in mind: Give you the energy and nutrition to make the most out of every moment.  We get it, you have a lot to accomplish. Consider us your on-the-go charging station. Your BluePrint® for a vibrant life.


Formerly known as the Renovation Cleanse, the BluePrint OG is our most classic and most popular cleanse. A go-to for hitting the reset button any time you need to get back on track.


We love classics; this is our renovation cleanse, the BP OG. Our original cleanse is your and our mainstay that you can always count on for aiding in digestion.  Take detox to the next level by fueling your day with only USDA Organic certified fruits and vegetables. Ginger, Mint, Cinnamon, and Cayenne are the supporting acts to great organic nutrition throughout the day.


Best in Class & Original Cold-Pressed Taste


  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO Verified
  • Vegan

feature benefits badges

  • Kosher certified
  • Dairy-free
  • Gluten-free
  • No added sweeteners









Elevate your wellness routine with a variety 12-pack of wellness shots! Each of our 2oz tonics has been carefully crafted with functional ingredients to leave you feeling supercharged all week long


Check out all their cleanses here



Review: Today the market is saturated with new juice concepts. That can be overwhelming to some, but there is a company I always reach for, and it’s Blue Print! Long before the boom of the wellness industry they were one of the first companies on the juice scene. At the time it was probably viewed as a trend, but they were completely wrong. I love the marketing behind this company, how they have created new products, but remain true to their original blends. As a first time mom, my the first trimester hit me like a ton of bricks. I was sick, tired, dehydrated, constipated, and combined I struggle to get enough nutrients. I embrace supplements more today, but I’m a full supporter of receiving nutrients through food. That being said, Blue Print organic juices were my saving grace as they kept me hydrated, regular, gave me energy, and of course the nutrients my body and baby craved. 






Dehydration fuels many of the symptoms of pregnancy so I was sure to drink enough fluids. Citrus juice in particular is something I not only craved, but it mitigated nausea as citrus has the ability to do so. Being that my favorite blend is the Lemon Reset it truly was such an asset to feeling well. I’m not big on protein in my diet, but especially with the first trimester. Reaching for the Blue Print Cashew Milk kept enabled me to meet my protein requirements, get healthy fats, and feel full for much longer. 


Although a veggie enthusiasts, many pregnant women have a hard time eating veggies in the beginning. I sadly experienced this so the now reduce sugar green juice was also a game changer. Others I love are the Beet Juice as it helped to give my liver a boost while pregnant. Prior to pregnancy I was drinking red wine so I felt better packing on the beet juice and also knowing I was getting nutrients. Lastly, I love the Pineapple blend as I started to actually crave juice. However, navigating no added sugar juice options at the store can give you a migraine. So I love to know that I can reach for fresh juice that’s packed with only the good stuff! 


One of their newer concepts is the shots! I personally love shots. When I’d get fresh juice before class in the city I’d always grab a shot of wheat grass. I love the idea of having a small nutrient packed bottle for various situations that I can easily throw in my bag. Blue Print now offers and array of shots for every scenario to get your feeling your best. Now that I’m back in the gym, I love to do a shot pre gym as a full juice may cause me to experience cramps during cardio. 


If you’re not sure which juice company to go with today, I promise you, Blue Print doesn’t disappoint and they pioneered the entire juice movement in my eyes. God bless them for making green juice hit the shelves!!














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