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Diets have a reputation for being arduous, exhausting, and not sustainable. Eat Drink Shrink nutrition therapy was founded on the belief that wellness is more than just a diet, counting your macros, or a number on the scale. 


Through holistic nutrition counseling I aim to help you explore new foods, listen to your body, and strategize towards realistic healthful eating to feel vibrant and thriving.


Having years of experience as a yoga instructor and vegan recipe developer, my objective is to design and customize a wellness plan that’s approachable and fits seamlessly into your routine. 



I assist clients with


  • Meal Planning 
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Weight management
  • Meditation
  • Specialty diets such as vegan, vegetarian, and raw
  • Intuitive eating 
  • Developing a yoga practice 






Is Nutrition Therapy for you?


  • Are you constantly restarting diets because last time it didn’t stick…and the time before that…and the time before that?
  • Are you stuck in an endless cycle of feeling good and then feeling guilty about food?
  • Do you view your relationship with food as black and white, it’s either a “good day” or a “bad day,” and there’s no in-between?
  • Are you overwhelmed with all the obnoxious food rules out there and ready for a straightforward, simple eating plan?
  • Are you seeking recovery for an eating disorder and you know deep down, the right support system is the key to your success?
  • Have you tried a million things to help your chronic illness and you just can’t seem to find the right answer?










To inquire about rates and packages please contact me directly at or through the form provided below.  



– Gabrielle





















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