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Hello & Happy Sunday!!





If you haven’t heard the news, EDS is finally getting married! (2 weeks to be exact!). For all those that have done this before you understand when I say.. 


Weddings are so much fun to attend, but they are not fun to orchestrate. Your mind begins to explode once you realize the amount of details that go into everything and suddenly setting your wedding date a year in advance does’t seem like a long enough time lol. 


To make the experience perhaps more seamless for others, I’d thought I’d share some of my personal favorite items from small businesses. While it can be easier just to order from the behemoth size companies, I love to gravitate towards Etsy shops and smaller businesses as it’s the perfect opportunity to enable them to continue to thrive. 


Below is an array of items to create the perfect beach trip for your babes along with some wedding gift ideas!









Brides Last Bash


The Bride’s Last Bash (formally the Dazzling Dachshund) is a boutique that offers unique, high quality clothing and can coolers for bachelorette parties and birthday parties.

In February of 2016, one of my best friends bachelorette parties was quickly approaching and I realized that through all the craziness of trying to find the right weekend for everyone, we had forgotten party favors. I whipped up some bride tribe can coolers and they turned out to be a hit at the party. As a business major in college, the wheels in my head started turning and thus the Bride’s Last Bash was born!

 Purchase here


Review: These tanks were perfection! Super comfy, come in a myriad of fun designs, flawless experience!








Raw Elements




RAW ELEMENTS USA ® Certified Natural Sunscreen was developed by Brian Guadagno, a 20 year Ocean Rescue Lifeguard, who was searching for a natural alternative to chemical sunscreens.

RAW ELEMENTS USA sunscreen is gentle enough for use in infant care and meets the performance demands of the most extreme athletes. We utilize a sustainable, recycled, Non Nano, uncoated Zinc Oxide as the sole Active Ingredient. This is delivered in a gentle, Certified Organic ingredient, Eco-Safe, Reef-Safe, Leaping Bunny – Cruelty Free certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, NPA Certified Natural formula. RAW ELEMENTS USA is the conscious consumer’s answer to safe, serious sun protection.

 Enjoy the same high performance and all-natural ingredients you expect from all our traditional sunscreens plus additional ultra-moisturizing properties and a slight skin-toned tint. This is the perfect product to use as your daily face moisturizer whether hitting the beach, heading to work or running errands. Packed with biologically active antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and extracts, it continues protecting your skin long after environmental exposure.
Review: From a distance I wasn’t too sure how I felt about this product. I typically stick to the traditional white spf and am weary about tinted options. However, this goes on so light, is sheer, perf for any skin tone, won’t melt in the sun, comes in the perf portable tin and will last a long time. Being one of the first ever products I’ve tried from them. I give them two thumbs up. 
Purchase here
Living Earth Beauty is an online retailer that has all your green beauty needs. From skincare to haircare, baby and mens products you can seamlessly tap into the most niche product lines on the market. In addition to that, the family who runs it is just undeniably adorable. Watch this clip below to meet the founders. 


This basic 3-step skin care regime supports cell regeneration and repair, prevention of aging effects in the skin from environmental causes, calming benefits, deep hydration and moisture balance.



30ml – Phyto-Cleanse II
10ml – Emerald Sun Hydrosol
10ml – Phyto-Infusion II
Antioxidant Lip Balm Tube
Sample – Rhassoul Refining Exfoliant
Sample – Rhassoul-Neem Mask
Sample – Peptide Eye Gel


An alchemical blend of herb-infused aloe vera with soothing rose distillate & cooling cucumber distillate give instant relief to sunburn & inflammation.

An alchemical blend of herb-infused aloe vera with soothing rose distillate & cooling cucumber distillate give instant relief to sunburn & inflammation. The mist continues to help rapidly heal damaged skin by misting often.



◊ Immediately cools & calms skin

◊ Helps skin heal quickly

◊ Hydrates skin


After Sun Mask

Cooling coconut oil & cucumber distillate pull heat out of the skin instantly offering soothing relief. Nurturing, anti-inflammatory cream mask for face & body.



◊ Instantly cools & calms skin

◊ Helps skin heal quickly

◊ Moisturizes skin with antimicrobial benefits

Review: If I had to name one of my top favorite skincare companies, it would be Isun. They have an array of products that cater to all types of skin, the products are all gentle, smell gorgeous (try the hydrosols) and they even come in travel kits. I was never one to advocate for the sample kits that most lines offer, but with traveling all over to organize the upcoming wedding these are the perfect solution. If you’re looking to switch product lines its a great way to enable you to gauge whether the products are a good fit. 
For those looking for after sun care that’s not packet to the max with parabens and other toxic ingredients, you can stick to the aloe, or opt for Isuns After Sun Mist and Mask. Whether any of these products speak to you and your natural beauty needs, you have to check out Living Earth Beauty! They carry the most niche brands in the biz!


Sleepy Cottage was Established in 2013. We are a small team of crafters who aim to create uniquely practical mementos for a wide variety of occasions.

We combine our design experience with professional embroidery machines and handmade techniques to deliver a sleep mask that reflects individual style and quality acheived only through small batch production.

Since 2013, The Sleepy Cottage has offered a range of original sleep mask designs that recognize our customers growing desire to find gifts that are more meaningful to those they love.


Review: Words can’t express just how gorgeous and beautifully made these sleep masks were. These creations come in an array of designs and can be customized to fit your theme and were just perfectly executed. Sleep masks are wonderful when traveling long distances or when you need to catch some beauty sleep and are the perf momento to give your gals! They even come in an adorable matching bag to get them in mint condition to last forever. If you’re looking for a unique gift that doesn’t disappoint, you have to check out Sleepy Cottage! The perfect buy!
 Purchase here
 Our Sport Essential COOLA Travel Set includes a quartet of our newest and most popular luxury organic and natural sport suncare must haves, all in TSA approved carry-on sizes! Our high-performance products for the active user protects and nourishes the skin with vitamins and age-defying antioxidants, while remaining free of parabens, paba and phthalates. All in the highest water-resistance and SPF formulas with a reusable, travel-friendly and limited edition COOLA travel clutch!
Learn more about the company mission here
• Includes TSA Approved Size Products:
• 3.4oz Sport SPF 50 Guava Mango Sunscreen Spray
• 2oz ER+ Radical Recovery® After-Sun Lotion
• 0.85oz Classic Face SPF 50 White Tea Moisturizer
• Full-Size Liplux® SPF 30 Original
Review: I had previously experienced a few of COOLA Skincare products years ago and wasn’t quite blown away, but there are always hit or  misses within a product line and these weren’t their standard spf products. When brainstorming for more spf products for my girls I was getting stumped on finding the perfect portion size to get thru security.  COOLA skincare of course had the perf travel kit with everything that you need. This kit is packed with an spf cream, spray, chapstick, and recovery cream, which encompasses everything you need.
I’m not going to lie, I was about as pale as Powder before the trip, and if I felt I was getting crispy I’d spritz myself with some spf, and BOOM no burn, which is unheard of for me. Hands down, one of the most effective spa’s I’ve ever used. 

Follow us on Instagram for promotions, giveaways and other fun photos of what we’re working on: @k_tees –

Review: As soon as I saw these tees, I had to have them! KTees offers a plethora of tank options for every occasion and I love the fabric they use, super comfy! So comfy that I’m actually wearing the tan right now lol (true story). The girls loved these and even came with their names monogrammed on the back. I can’t recommend their company enough! 
 Purchase here
 ModParty is a party design company featuring gifts and decor for weddings, birthdays and baby showers.


I’m Hina, wife, mama, graphic designer, photographer, health nut. Welcome to my etsy shop! If you love pretty things as much as I do I’m sure you’ll find something that meets your fancy – and if you haven’t noticed…um, I’m a little obsessed with gold 🙂 In my free time (when I’m not taking care of my two little ones!) you can find me playing tennis.


Follow me on IG for exclusive discounts: @modparty





Review: This etsy shop has been around for countless years and completely love everything they offer! They have a multitude of options for every occasion that allow you to personalize your event and the offer quality well made items. For our wedding and the bachelorette party I knew I wanted to provide candles. When traveling I love to have one on hand and it’s just a nice gesture for guests and your girls. We’re featuring these in our guest bags and I included them for the trip! 

The candles are on the smaller size, making them more portable and perfect for a single use, but that’s all guests and your girls need. The stickers come in an array of design options and you physically place them yourself, but it takes minutes. The smell is actually gorgeous and perfect for everyone. If you’re searching for the perf modern event supplies, I highly recommend her shop!

Purchase here



Scribble Towels are perfectly imperfect custom towels handmade to order and personalized to be uniquely one of a kind!

I was inspired by embroidered monogrammed towels, but wasn’t crazy about the rough spots the stitching inevitably made. So I decided to come up with a personalization process that doesn’t affect the texture of the towel. I started dyeing the fabric and drawing names and fun sayings on the towels in my own custom handwriting.

After giving these to friends as gifts, people started asking me to order them for their friends and family and if I’d be willing to sell them. I started selling them to friends and Scribble Towels took off!

I started getting a rush of orders, and I got so excited! I’m opening a shop on Etsy to show the rest of the world my adorable Scribble Towels. I hope you love them as much as I love making them. They make me smile and are the perfect accessory for any fun weekend, vacation, or celebration.

Review: These towels came out perfect! Great material, super soft, and the perf size! If you haven’t gathered it by now, I love to personalize …everything lol. Whether being used at the beach while on your trip or for future use, these towels are a momento that will go to use and outlive others. My girls loved these and paired perfectly with the beach theme. 



Totes, Favors + Oh So Much More for Every Occasion ♥


ilu.lily designs {pronounced EE-loo LIH-lee} is best known for our super fab destination wedding tote bags along with our fun + funky favor bags. Planning for the day you’ve dreamt about your whole life is almost complete, but don’t forget about spoiling your guests with our fabulously designed totes!


Not only are they a charming accessory to memorialize your day, but guests will get tons of use out of these trendy totes. Give your guests a dashing first impression of the vibe of your special day with our exquisitely designed tote bags!!


We also offer favor bags, envelope addressing, custom mugs, place cards, table numbers, greeting cards + luggage tags for your fab wedding, bachelorette party and/or event! ♥

Review: These bags were so fun and affordable! They came out perfect and the owner used materials that were sturdy and will hold up over time. I thought these bags were perfect for the beach, traveling, and can easily be washed to last a long time. I highly recommend this company!


 Purchase here




Sweet Hooligans Design


I love sewing, knitting, crocheting and creating anything with my hands. So after buying our first home about 3 years ago, I found myself making all types of things to give our home the feeling that it was our’s.


This led me to sew new pillow covers for our couch, because the ones it came with were honestly boring. From here the idea for Sweet Hooligans was born! It’s our desire to not only offer people a way to customize and personalize the look of their home, but to also preserve those precious memories and/or find that unique gift for someone.


We named the shop after our two sweet girls, Lily and Esther. I love being a stay at home mom to these amazing girls, but finding this creative outlet is also an answer to prayer. It’s my dream to eventually open “Our Sweeter Side” of Sweet Hooligans and offer handmade children’s items. We’ll see what the future holds!


Purchase here
Purchase here

Review: I can’t even begin to express how wonderful Mindy is to work with! I love her designs, the fabric she uses is buttery soft, and the cases can be removed for washing. You can instantly see the love that went into designing each piece and I knew right away they were going to play a part in our home for years to come. What’s also fab about the three piece set is that you can use the smaller one in a separate location, thus providing personalized pieces for two areas of your home. 








Indigo Tangerine


The Product, the Process, the Person, The Promise


|| The Product ||

Indigo Tangerine exists to provide unique alternatives to the traditional monogrammed gift. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone event from the past, anticipating a special occasion in the future, or recognizing someone special in your life today, our selection of rustically-inspired goods offer solutions that appeal to a wide variety of tastes…so that every gift-giving occasion is an enjoyable one.


“I like texture, color, and clean lines. I like simple things that make a statement in an understated sort of way; I try to design products that reflect that style.” -Rachel Bode Tucker, owner and founder.


|| The Process ||

We use water-based inks, eco-friendly materials, and responsibly-sourced products. Each of our products is individually personalized using our own original designs from our workshop nestled in the woods of Lookout Mountain, GA.




This farmhouse burlap pillow cover can be personalized with any name and established date–whether it’s a last name, or name of a farmhouse, lodge, or cabin, this pillow is a great way to add a personalized touch. The burlap adds a unique textural element to any setting with a simple design that appeals to a variety of tastes and it makes a great gift for many occasions.


Review: Since pillows are a wonderful way to accent a home I find they are the perfect gift. Burlap has evolved to be a go to material for many pillows as it adds diversity in your home and I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one! I love this Etsy shop as she offers a myriad of designs that feature burlap and can customize them to your liking. I chose the softer burlap as I have sensitive skin, and loved the feel of that option. In addition to a flawless design, the cover is removable, its design is perf for indoor or outdoor, the price point is good and the shipping was lightening fast! Highly recommended!

 Order here 





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