Training a French Bulldog

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In November of 2016 my now husband and I decided to get our beloved Burt. I had actually wanted a French Bulldog for as long as I can remember, long before the worldwide infatuation with the breed! At the time we had moved to a new state (I didn’t know anyone) and I finally finished grad school and was working at home full time. I had my game face on, and was ready to get a puppy! Within minutes of having Burt we were in complete awe of him. There is something about Frenchies, their personalities, their energy and just everything about them that I’m drawn to.







 If you’re not familiar with the breed, they are more than just a trend, their personalities are so strong, unique, and they are just lovers through and through. I’ve had countless dogs throughout my childhood, but there is something that is just different about them. While Burt can be on the tame side lounging all day, by mid afternoon he’ll have many moments where he craves attention, playtime, and just needs my affection. Whether it’s a 5 mins play session, a quick trip to the dog park, a cuddle, a treat, I make sure to drop everything and cater to him even if I’m in the midst of a recipe. (I mean who could say no to that face?) 







What many don’t realize is that this breed is ubiquitous for various skin and breathing issues leaving you weary about the temperature and everything you feed them or apply to the skin. If I can offer one tip, it’s always be vigilant to how they respond to various treats to better weed out the ones that don’t work. On top of skin sensitivities you have to be vigilant of temperatures that can be too hot or too cold as their fur prevents them from keeping warm and their breathing is labored with having a flat face. More obstacles with having a flat face are, gas lol. Due to their breathing they are said to naturally be more of a gassy breed. I can confirm that the stories are true so just prepare yourself now.


Something that is gaining more momentum is at home dog dna testing. You can test for their breed if you’re unsure to gain more knowledge about your pup and even get a firsthand look as to what health ailments they may be vulnerable to. (I did the genetic testing for Burt, came out negative for everything!)


Training a Frenchie


Like any breed though, puppies are puppies, and accidents happen for a long time before they get the hang of everything. Burt literally had an accident before we even reached home lol, so reality soon set in that this would be a lot of work. With the majority of dog owners working full time the training can absolutely be delayed. That just means that you’ll have to invest a little more time to develop a routine. 






Time and time again, I always get asked how Burt was potty trained so fast. I have to say it stems from being home with him full time, coupled with hands on training and a lot of repetition. I love a routine and so do animals as it enables them to learn faster. At perhaps 2 months he used the pee pads, and by 3 months he was trained to use a outdoor grass pad, then graduated to only going outside by 6 months. My biggest advice would be utilizing dog treats such as Milk Bones with good behavior. It’s hard for dogs to discern whether they are doing the right thing, treats provide  reassurance that he was on track and sped up the training process. Whether a treat or a simple good job, reassurance only works in our benefit. At less than a year we could leave him at home for hours (we had a camera device to watch/talk to him) and he would patiently wait to be let outside with no accidents except for 1 time! (that speaks volumes)


I still catch myself saying “good job” even after 1 1/2 years of having him and always give him a treat when we return from a walk. Simply put, Routines. Work. 


I can confidently say, treats are not only good for just every day, but they are an integral part of training. Milk Bone dog treats have been around for ages and just released an exclusive Happy Birthday Tin that you can re-use for more treats. (sustainable). Whether you have a new pup or a well season pup, treats are a no brainer! Pick up the limited edition tin today, only available at Target!





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