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Let’s talk about fitness! Long before I found myself cooking all day, I was fully immersed in the gym. Since I was a young adolescent, I instantly gravitated towards exercise. I loved the feeling of burning calories, a feeling of control, but most of all I felt that it was therapeutic. I was able to zone out, decompress, think more clearly, and I felt less stressed as a whole. As a result I worked out at one point 2hrs/day and sometimes 2x/day 5-7 days a week. 


I distinctly remember a gym member coming up to me and inquiring as to whether I was training for something lol. I was that person!


When I was in the midst of college I would utilize the summer to get back into my fitness routine. An Equinox membership in the West Village would cost upwards of $175 a month back in 2011. As you would imagine, I used it non stop to make the price make sense. For the most part gyms in New York City always had low ceilings(which I hated) and the location had to be around the corner as a train ride appeared exhausting to endure each time you had to go. Exercising outdoors is also only an option for a handful of months due to the never ending winters. By the time I was 6 years deep into college, my fitness routine was nearly non existent. I didn’t even have the time or energy to hit the gym in our building on a regular basis.


Fast forward to August of 2017, we moved out of the city and I didn’t have that normal walking routine that I once did for 9 years. Something to keep in mind is that even if you don’t exercise, when you live in a city atmosphere you’re organically  burning calories just carrying out everyday tasks as you have to walk everywhere.


Although I eat a plant strong diet, one I removed myself from New York and started working from home full time, I could see the difference instantly. Studies confirm that there are a myriad of benefits to exercising outside the surface focus of weight loss. Excersing can improve bone strength, produces enzymes to make you appear more youthful, mitigate your risk of various cancers, and ultimately increase the longevity of your life. For these reason and more, I make it a priority. 


So how does one with a full schedule integrate exercise into their life? You can do some yoga, pilates, and free weights etc. all in the privacy of your own home.  However, you still have to have the additional allotted time to do so. The struggle with time is over, because LifeSpan is the answer to your problems!


There are numerous treadmills or fitness machines, but they don’t enable you to multi task. When I discovered the LifeSpan treadmill desk concept I was instantly sold as it’s the answer for many individuals at home and in the work place. 


Today millions of people live a sedentary lifestyle whether it be at work or home. The treadmills come with a desk top that can be modified in its height and you can adjust the speed as you see fit on the treadmill portion. It documents the time, calories, distance, speed, and weight. Also, the treadmill and desk are not physically connected allowing you to move each piece as you see fit. I’ve been using the treadmill for roughly 3 months and it has been such a game changer that I can’t imagine my life without it today. In addition to the treadmill desks they also designed stationary bike concepts. 





My typical routine is to wake up, jump on the treadmill, answer emails, finish up work, then hit the kitchen. In roughly 2 hours I can effortlessly burn upwards of 800 calories. One area of concern was being able to effective multi-task. Would the walking compromise video and image editing, emails, conference calls etc, and the answer is, no. In addition to walking I also incorporate free weights for my upper body strength and slow down the speed and do squats to work my lower body 


Exercise Facts: 

Exercise protects heart & blood vessels by increasing the heart’s ability to work hard, lowers blood pressure and raises levels of HDL-cholesterol (good), cleansing the arteries, resulting in lower rates of heart attacks and strokes.

Aerobic exercise increases the creation of new brain cells in the areas of the brain that control memory, complex thought and decision-making, thus improving memory and thinking skills.

More than 2 dozen studies show that women who exercise have a 30-40% lower risk of breast cancer, due to the effect exercise has on estrogen levels. (beneficial also for those w/fibroids or endometriosis)

Regular exercise has also shown a decreased risk of colon cancer by 20%, especially in men.



If you’re looking for the answer to a sedentary lifestyle at work or home, and can’t find the time to hit the gym, I highly recommend the LifeSpan desk treadmill. I selected the free standing treadmill to be used wherever I see fit as well as the stand alone desk. In addition to this model they also design other various fitness equipment


*This desk was provided as a sample. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 











Burn calories, decrease stress levels, and reduce low-back pain, all while multitasking while you walk and work. The LifeSpan TR1200-DT7 combines our most popular walking treadmill desk and electric-height standing desk, making it a great solution for individual or multiple users ranging from office teams, to conference rooms and training classes. With the one-touch height adjustment, and a height adjustment range of 27.5″ to 50.5”, it’s simple to use and meets the various height needs for users of all sizes. And the all-new lower height range makes it possible to place a bosu ball or stool on the treadmill, transforming the treadmill desk into a seated desk in just seconds.




  • Adjustable Height From 27.5” to 50.5”
  • Desktop Width Options Ranging From 38” to 72”
  • Custom Frame and Desktop Color Options

Whether you have limited office space or need plenty of room for office supplies, the four desk sizes let you customize your desk around your office needs, making it perfect for shared settings or individual use. New sit-to-stand dimensions now make it possible for placement of a bosu ball or stool on the treadmill, or with purchase of the 6-foot desk, placement of a chair on either side of the treadmill creating a sit-to-stand workstation.







  • Whisper-Quiet 2.25 HP Motor
  • Compact, Space-Saving Treadmill Dimensions

Refined, contemporary design and lasting construction make the walking treadmill desk the perfect addition to your workspace. Quiet treadmill operation won’t impact work performance or interfere with phone conversations. High-quality components suppress mechanical noise and subdue vibration, keeping your focus on the task at hand. Included for comfort and balance, the padded armrest keeps you physically centered and mentally focused on the task at hand. The five-digit console is conveniently integrated into the center of the armrest, providing full control of activity without requiring desk space.







Graphed Overview of Steps, Distance, Calories and Intensity
Apple Health and Google Fit Enabled

Experience tells us users stay motivated when they are able to set goals and easily track their progress. Recent improvements in Bluetooth technology allowed us to build our best app experience ever. Simply hover your smartphone over the walking treadmill desk console to upload your data. That’s it. The data syncs effortlessly. Plus, this feature is free for everyone. Simply download the Active Trac app from the app store and track your progress.













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