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Hello & Happy Sunday!








I don’t typically do posts on a Sunday, but I had to share some of the products I’ve been recently testing. Long before I went the culinary route with Eat Drink Shrink I partnered with natural beauty companies and more to provide first hand reviews on product quality. With countless companies trying to sell you something it can be hard to navigate what will work for you, especially with natural beauty products. It’s important to note that this is an unsponsored review


I’ve sampled products from all across the board from Etsy shops to the behemoth size companies trying to cater to natural beauty. These companies were handpicked for various reasons. 


Below is a transparent review on some of my current product faves from skincare to bath bubbles and even protein powder!


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Where do I begin with Herbivore Botanicals! I recently came across some of their old packaging on Instagram before they took on a new marketing team and it’s such a stark difference to where they are today! This company started with only a handful of soaps and have evolved to offering countless items that you can now find at your local sephora. This time I sampled their soaps, body oil, bath salts, Lapis oil, and the facial roller. I’ve tried a handful of their products and love the marketing and the quality behind the brand. My favorite product out of the bunch was surprisingly the Jasmine Oil. I gravitate towards body oils as my skin is naturally on the drier side. Although I haven’t met a body oil I didn’t like, this is by far the most gorgeous blend I’ve ever come across and can double as a perfume.  



The Lapis facial oil always stood out to me given the gorgeous blue hue, so I had to try it that as well. The color is derived from a flower and the aroma is herbal like. The oil doesn’t turn your face blue of course and it’s geared more towards oily skin which I have more combination, but I still loved this oil through and through. The pricing for the oils is pretty standard, but the quantity is more and it will last a long time. I recently learned about the benefits of the facial roller and loved this concept.


While you can purchase various facial rollers in many placed, I loved theirs! This tool is essential in waking up the skin, is simply thrown in the freezer, and the smaller end makes for the small hard to reach spaces. You can use it by itself or when applying a lotion or mask. Highly recommend! I have a variety of the HB bath products and they are some of my favorites! Great pricing, reusable glass containers, and a little bit goes a long way. I hope this company inspires many others just like it, because they just nailed it in every capacity in the world of modern natural beauty!

















I had randomly come across the Goldfaden MD company (God bless that I did) and was intrigued by the fact that it was curated by an MD and I loved the modern sleek packaging. While not expected, I instantly fell in love with this company for countless reasons. I sampled, a spray spf, buttery soft night cream, exfoliator scrub that will change your life in minutes, a fab hand cream, and a staple can’t go wrong eye cream.


My favorite product that is hands down a game changer, was the scrub. I’ve tried every scrub on the market and they either miss the mark on the level of graininess and the ability to exfoliate or just completely dry out the skin. This product effortlessly exfoliates to the level of microdermabrasion, but simultaneously hydrates without leaving you a greasy mess. I will continue to use this product as long as I’m alive as it’s just THAT good. 


I also loved the whipped face cream that wasn’t over saturating, and for myself perfect for both day and night. The product is on the pricier side, but it’s so whipped and rich that a little bit goes a long way. I promise that it’s worth every penny!



The spf spray is essential, the perf size for your purse and traveling, and it’s not in an annoying metal can lol. This product is perfect over your makeup or all by itself to mitigate sun damage. The spray is thin making it last a long time and more appropriate than the typical thick Spf’s. The eye cream is light and perf for day time. If you don’t like the pump containers, the silver lining is that the pumps prevent you potentially contaminating the typical eyecreams in the pots, they won’t dry out, and you’re able to control the amount dispensed. Last but not least, I love a good hand cream as I’m constantly washing my hands with cooking. The cream is reach, hydrating, but not overly saturating and lasts throughout the day. 











While I haven’t shopped at Sephora in ages, I randomly do a walk through just to browse the new products and see what people are buying these days. In recent years the company has made a conscious effort to feature up and coming natural lines and many have stayed to be permanently sold via Sephora. One of them, is Sunday Riley. I’ll be very honest, at first glance, whether it be the company name or the overall branding of the line, I really didn’t have high hopes for quality. The price point was average, perhaps a little bit more expensive than other natural lines, but the focus was anti-aging which I was instantly intrigued by. If you’re familiar with green beauty lines, there is a lack of anti aging products as a whole and the results are underwhelming. You need a little bit of chemicals to get results.



I shifted to that perspective once I turned 33. Prior I was using countless beauty lines that were comprised of essential oils and perhaps water. For many years, that worked for me, but today, it just doesn’t. That being said, I love a company that can offer cleaner anti aging products and Sunday Riley delivers sand parabens and sulfates. I sampled the Luna Oil, the Good Genes which is one of their number one rated products, CEO Serum, and the CEO lotion to match with it. All in all I can say that this line was a win win through and through and I’m now completely obsessed. The aroma of the products was gorgeous, together the good genes and the CEO serum diminished fine lines without dehydrating the skin & provided a gorgeous glow. (I never see that, if I get results, my skin is usually completely dried out) The CEO lotion is hydrating, rich, but not over saturating with a light citrus scent.. If you’re nervous about the price point, don’t be, there are companies charging more and the quality isn’t there. Also, with all of their products, a little goes a long way making them last!


I can’t wait to explore the rest of the line as everything dave me an instant glow. Be sure to check them out at Sephora  and follow along to see what else this company comes up with as it’s guaranteed to be a game changer!















Where do I begin with my affinity for Lafco products. I had been exposed to their candles by my sister back in 2006 as they first distributed out of NYC. They gained much exposure I believe through Oprah and have continued to thrive and be one of the top selling candle companies ever since. To date they offer countless blends, and recently branched out to produce various soaps and lotions to compliment the line. When companies expand into skincare it can sometimes be a miss, so I was excited to find out whether they delivered. Of course, they absolutely did!

I ironically received a sample of my favorite candle, “Master Bedroom” along with a Duchess Peonies lotion and soap combo and the Chamomile Lavender solid soap. The candle is the most universal scent that everyone will love, I highly recommend it! What’s fab about their candles, is that the blends are gorgeous, the size is huge, and the scents are strong enabling them to fill large spaces, and in my book, making them worth every penny!


When it comes to shower products, I actually gravitate more towards soaps as the scents are more unique and fun to explore, shower gel is sudsy one second, then gone the next. The soap smelled exactly like the candle of course, the size huge, the aroma, strong, making it the top of my list in the world of soaps! Also, the soaps are hypoallergenic and free of sulfates, parabens and other synthetic ingredients for a genuinely pure experience.

As a soap enthusiast, I can’t wait to explore every variety they offer as they are just that good. In regards to the soap and hand lotion, like all Lafco products, the aroma was gorgeous, strong, and the soap wasn’t drying to the skin. Pairing it with the matching lotion was of course a match made in heaven! For someone like me who washes their hands countless times throughout the day with cooking, these products are ideal and deliver in all capacities. 










Mz Skincare is another product line that’s curated by a doctor in the uk who specializes in facial aesthetics. I find that products that are backed by an MD and or come from Europe that the quality is generally better. To date the regulations for ingredients are more stringent there than the U.S.A, which could potentially play a role in the overall quality. I sampled this line last winter and was instantly impressed but the aroma of each product and how my skin just glowed. While they contain fragrance, today I make exceptions as long as I’m getting results! I’ve tried the Life & Lustre, Rest & Revive,  and now the Brighten and Perfect Cream


I know what you’re thinking, placenta cream, I’ll pass. Don’t be too quick to pass though! With an innovative blend of ovine placenta and stem cells combined with peptides to detoxify, it strengthens and repairs the skin during its nightly rejuvenation. By stimulating collagen and elastin, it seamlessly replenishes moisture to plump and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. In addition to be it being one of my favorite products based on the results, the smell is gorgeous!


Worried about EDTA? (its also in Juice Beauty products) Get the scoop here

Other products I tried are the Brighten and Perfect. The concept behind this product is to restore your skins complexion. Vitamin C to address the visible effects of UV activated hyperpigmentation, age spots and to reduce skin tone imperfections. It works deeper to help protect elasticity, stimulate collagen synthesis and create a shield to protect against environmental aggressors resulting in a strengthened, refined and brightened skin tone. I found that the product gave me an effortless glow without drying out the skin. While the price point for these products may be on the higher side, the products deliver in quality and a little bit goes a long way. You can find their products today on Net A Porter.  





Back in circa 2013 I explored upwards of a 100 natural product companies. Around that time one company in particular that took a modern approach to natural deodorants was making its way onto the scene and they were called Schmidt’s! This company has come a long way from being featured in the Vegan Cuts sample box, offering only the pots of deodorant that you had to scoop out, to featuring the classic stick variety that I prayed for and additional products such as toothpaste and soap..


As soon as I got my hands on their products I knew that they were going to be doing big things! Since day 1 they offered an array of innovative blends and really pioneered the modern natural deodorant movement in my eyes. For a while I had been using Toms brand as it was something I could just grab from the store, so I was elated to experience the brand years later. 


I can confidently say, the product works and the price point is sheer perfection! I typically have to reapply deodorant in the morning, but even with cooking up a storm all day the product lasts. I’ve gone through the trial and error with finding the right natural deodorant that works, and they just nailed it! My personal favorite is the charcoal as it’s along the lines of a unisex scent and just works for everyone. 


Today they also offer an array of natural toothpastes & soap and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with. I highly recommend there products!










This company is based on the west coast and when I found them I was instantly taken by the marketing and array of products they offered. I previously sampled some body butter, candles, and bath soap. This time I received the diffuser set, lotion, air spray and more bath bubbles. If you know me, you know I love a good hot bath at the end of a long week with some foodie magazines. While you can opt for bubbles at the local market, there is a stark difference in quality and its evident in Antica Farmista! The bubbles not only come in a gorgeous bottle, but the aroma is perfection and the amount of bubbles is beyond plentiful. While the price point of the bubble bath can be higher than others, you need but only a small amount making the product perhaps outlast more affordable options. 



I’ve had minimal experience with diffusers, but always loved the aesthetics. Diffusers add a decorative touch, the set comes with three, and you simply rotate the reeds every so often to let the scent permeate the air. The air spray is also a wonderful addition to add to your washroom and the price point is good. While the Daphne Flower was a seasonal scent and perf for spring, it wasn’t my personal favorite as it could be overpowering. However, the prosecco scent I previously explored was gorgeous and I’m sure this is just based on preference. 














This company needs no introduction as they’ve been around for nearly 9 years. I stumbled across them back in 2013 and instantly fell in love. They are created from used wine bottles, the scents are strong, and they are named various adult beverages such as sangria and champagne and they all are just gorgeous! A solid price point, aesthetically appealing, and scents that take your breath away, highly recommend!


I featured them at my wedding and have been enjoying them since I discovered them online. This time I sampled a variety of new scents and again each one is blended to perfection and just beautiful. Your biggest challenge would probably be to find a scent you didn’t like by Rewined. My personal favorite is champagne but they are all wonderufl. I love the sustainability and how the effortlessly add a decorative touch to any room of your home. 












I had sampled Kai products back in December and was familiar with their perfume for years. I’d come across it in boutiques and there was something just alluring about the company. Instead of offering a myriad of scents, they produced only one scent with a handful of other products to compliment the fragrance. The original Kai fragrance has notes of gardenia and reminds me of the first Marc Jacobs perfume, which is just timeless. Today they produce a Kai Rose which is reminiscent of the classic Chloe that again is an all around staple scent. 


So what sets the Kai products apart from other perfumes?! 

They are sans parabens, sulfates, phthalates, phosphates, gluten free and cruelty & vegan.


I previously sampled the bubble bath, shower gel, lotion, and the classic Kai and instantly fell in love with the scent all over again. Can it be overkill to have a variety of products with the same scent, one would think so, but I’m telling you, so good! This time I sampled the Rose perfume, the body cream, the oil spray, Rose deodorant, and the Rose bath gel. I personally gravitate more towards lotions versus perfume as I feel the scent comes across more organically and lasts longer. If you’re like me, then I highly recommend the body oil spray and or the body cream. The oil spray hydrates and is perf for that summer glow across the collarbone or to add a shine to your legs.

The body butter is on the pricier side, but it’s ultra hydrating and a a little bit goes a long way. You can’t go wrong with shower gel, but I’m currently in an infatuated state with soaps. Hopefully they whip up some soap options as I think it would be a wonderful option. The rose deodorant is a newer products, but I had yet to sample there original deodorant. The texture is solid/gelt like and is cool to the touch. The scent was intricate versus typical natural deodorants and actually lasts throughout the day. All in all I’ve had wonderful experiences with their products and although they only have 2 scents to date, they are undeniable gorgeous and will work with everyone’s body chemistry. 












I’ve loved the Moon Juice company since I came across them via IG back in 2014. They are a
California based juice company that also distributes a plethora of mushroom based powders. The mushroom movement is still taking place as they contain many antioxidant properties and some varieties have been said to be an aphrodisiac. I sampled the new Adaptogenic Protein that encompasses all of their mushroom blends with notes of chocolate. I throw this in smoothies, but you could absolutely throw it also into baked concepts. The chocolate flavor is super mild as all my shakes are sweetened with mango, however it doesn’t throw off the taste. The portion is huge and will last you for a long time. The only thing to be vigilant of is the ashwagandha if you’re pregnant as it can be toxic to a fetus. 


The other product I sampled is their new tocotrienols, which is the most active form of vitamin E. Sources of vitamin E are nuts and seeds, and it can have positive effects on the skin. Vitamin E can improve your cholesterol, repair sun damage and more. Again, the portion is huge and it will last for a long time. If you like these products be sure to check out their website for even more options. 


















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