20 Classic Vegan Sandwiches

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Hello & Happy Sunday!!






Since I’m working my way through my bucket list of sandwich concepts and revamping a few, I thought I’d share my favorite top 20 sandwiches on Eat Drink Shrink! Some are the new new and some are classic oldies that I never share, but in any case, I promise they all  don’t disappoint! New images and tutorials coming for some soon!


From burgers to meatball subs, below are my top 20 sandwich faves on EDS!




Butternut Squash Quinoa Burger :

If love all the fall flavors, this burger will be your new bff! Packed with butternut squash, oats, quinoa and more, it’s packed with fiber and protein, it’s a true game changer! (oooooh and the garlic sage aioli puts this combo over the top!)




Eggplant BLT:

My first eggplant bacon concept and I literally made it twice back to back, because it’s just that good! The basil aioli is also what makes this sandwich stand out against your everyday eggplant bacon sammie!






Buffalo Cauli Sliders:

A midst the boom of buffalo cauliflower I created a standard recipe. To date it’s still the most sought after recipe on EDS! With over 20k saves, I decide a few years ago to create a slider concept with blue cheese slaw! These small bites of heaven can be made into full size portions, but also serve as the perf app while entertaining. The blue cheese slaw makes this one of my personal faves!






Curry Chickpea Burger:

I don’t do very many curry concepts, but this burger is one for the books! It packs so much flavor, protein, carrots, and the curry mayo makes the burger a staple recipe in my kitchen! Even if you’re not cray about curry, you will be after this burger!




Chickpea & Quinoa Greek Burger: 

Where do I begin with this burger! I’ve always been crazy about Greek dishes. I find they are flavorful, healthy, focus on olives and feta cheese and all my personal faves. Having an affinity for all things greek, this burger was created on a whim back in 2015 while not even in my own kitchen or studio and it’s become my #1 favorite burgers to date. It packs quinoa, chickpeas, tons of flavor, and a homemade tofu feta sauce that is just 



Hawaiian Sweet Potato Burger:


This burger was one of my first burger creations and it remains to be one of my personal favorites! It’s packed with chickpeas and sweet potatoes, has a hint of sweet, and a hint of heat! If you love easy concepts that pack tons of flavor, you’ll love this modern vegan burger!





Spaghetti Squash Bbq:

This recipe came to mind this year as I was wanting to go through my bucket list and this one was at the top! Spaghetti squash can be made into various pasta like dishes, but I wasted to explore other avenues, such as bbq! It has the same texture, packs more fiber and nutrients than jackfruit, and less sugar! This effortless bbq sauce can be used for a variety of dishes!





Beet Burger

If you love all things beets or even loathe them, they make for the perfect burgers! They have a natural sugar content that pairs will to create a hint of sweetness and paired with the chipotle mayo it just puts this burger on the list of one of my top faves! 



Fried Green Tomato Sammie;

While I gravitate away from fried foods, a classic fried green tomato sammie is a staple! Get this quick and easy recipe that contains no eggs or dairy in the batter and paired with my classic shiitake bacon and  favorite chipotle mayo for the perf tomato stack! (working on a baked concept soon!)



Mango Jackfruit Bbq Sammie:

This recipe was one of my first jackfruit bbq concepts and while you can switch up the sauce to tailor it to your tastebuds, I love how seamlessly mango pairs with heat! If you’re looking for that staple jackfruit bbq recipe, this is it!




Meatball Sub:

I haven’t made this recipe in a while as it’s one of my older creations, but it came out so good and is just a good solid vegan meatball recipe! It packs tons of veggies, goes well with massaged kale, and even making the homemade red sauce is easy peasy! Tutorial coming soon!




Cauliflower Club Sandwich

This recipe was made for those longing for that classic club sandwich. It’s stacked high on waffles for added texture and appeal and features my favorite baked cauliflower with chipotle mayo to tie it all in together. This recipe is one of the older EDS concepts, but it’s getting a tutorial coming soon!




Portobello Burgers with Caramelized Onion & Pear:

For those who love portobello burgers, this modern take on a veggie burger will be your new go to! Packed with caramelized onions and pear for a sweet component and “paired” with my classic shiitake bacon to create the perf combo of savory and sweet! If you love caramelized onions, portobodllows, or just innovative vegan eats, you must try this!






Peach Bbq Carrot Sliders:

Another one of my older recipes, but it doesn’t disappoint! Jackfruit is now becoming more accessible through retailers such as Trader Joes, but even with a local store adjacent to my home, it’s always sold out lol. If you’re looking for a more practical choice that involves less effort than jackfruit, carrots make for the perfect faux bbq! An effortless homemade peach bbq sauce is also included that can be used for countless dishes! Tutorial coming soon!



Beer Cheese Black Bean burger:

I don’t know why beer tastes so good in recipes, but by itself I’m not a fan. This recipe is one of the older concepts, but the beer cheese just made this burger pack so much flavor! From the modern beer cheese to the easy baked onion rings, this burger is a keeper! Tutorial coming soon!




Philly Cheesesteak:

In trying to recreate the classic American sandwich concepts, a Philly cheesesteak came to mine. This version is packed with tofu, grilled mushrooms and onions and doesn’t disappoint! Easy, cheesy, and better than the original! Recipe tutorial coming soon!



Portobello Bahni Mi:

This recipe was literally one of the first sandwich concepts I produced and still remains to be one of my favorites as it just so good! From the pickled veggies to the wasabi mayo, this portobello bahni mi will be one you’ll want to keep around forever. Tutorial coming soon!





Beer Battered Fish Sandwich:

I was going through a beer batter phase last year as its so much fun to work with! This recipe is tofu base, but takes on the flavor and delicate texture of a traditional fish sandwich and the remoulade is one of my favorite sauces! A new and improved recipe and tutorial is coming soon!



Chickpea Tuna Salad:

This recipe is as classic as it gets in the vegan world. It involves a lot of ingredients and I love to overcompensate in flavor for the absent tuna, but you can modify the onions and spices to your liking! If you need a filler recipe throughout the week, this classic chickpea tuna is it!











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